Carl Daniel is a musician from New Albany, IN. He is a guitar player and vocalist in Shawn Sleeps Naked. This is his website. Come inside. There's more.

Carl Daniels & The Black Box


           I discovered Carl Daniels & The Black Box when I randomly googled myself and found that I wasn't the only Carl making indie music. The similar names and music taste aren't the only thing we have in common. The five piece band is based out of Albany, New York. Which is the the city my home town of New Albany, Indiana is named after. I figured in honor of this other Carl I would review them for you. 

          I found the indie folk band to have a very full sound that featured keys over shuffling drums, along with haunting guitar and vocal parts. Throw in a xylophone and you can't go wrong. If I had to compare them to someone I would say a smoother and grovier version of The Decemerist. I recommend The More to enjoy as it fits in with the holiday vibes well. Their music is available on iTunes and wherever you get your music. 

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